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LBLI  League Fixtures 2018 - Saturday League
  Saturday 21st April - Week 1  
  Bray V Kenilworth  
  Westmanstown V Dun Laoghaire G  
  Blackrock V Greystones  
  Greenhills V Dun Laoghaire  
  Crumlin V Leinster  
  Saturday 28th April - Week 2  
  Dun Laoghaire G V Greenhills  
  Dun Laoghaire V Crumlin  
  Leinster V Bray  
  Blackrock V Westmanstown  
  Kenilworth V Greystones  
  Saturday 5th May - Week 3  
  Bray V Dun Laoghaire  
  Greystones V Leinster  
  Greenhills V Westmanstown  
  Crumlin V Dun Laoghaire G  
  Kenilworth V Blackrock  
  Saturday 12th May - Week 4  
  Dun Laoghaire G V Bray  
  Dun Laoghaire V Greystones  
  Leinster V Kenilworth  
  Westmanstown V Crumlin  
  Greenhills V Blackrock  
  Saturday 19th May - Week 5  
  Bray V Westmanstown  
  Greystones V Dun Laoghaire G  
  Blackrock V Leinster  
  Crumlin V Greenhills  
  Kenilworth V Dun Laoghaire  
  Saturday 26th May - Week 6  
  Dun Laoghaire G V Kenilworth  
  Dun Laoghaire V Leinster  
  Westmanstown V Greystones  
  Greenhills V Bray  
  Crumlin V Blackrock  
  2nd June  - Free Week -  Bank Holiday  
  Saturday 9th June - Week 7  
  Bray V Crumlin  
  Leinster V Dun Laoghaire G  
  Greystones V Greenhills  
  Blackrock V Dun Laoghaire  
  Kenilworth V Westmanstown  
  Saturday 16th June - Week 8  
  Dun Laoghaire G  V Dun Laoghaire  
  Westmanstown  V Leinster  
  Blackrock  V Bray  
  Greenhills  V Kenilworth  
  Crumlin  V Greystones  
  Saturday 23rd June - Week 9  
  Dun Laoghaire G V Blackrock  
  Dun Laoghaire V Westmanstown  
  Leinster V Greenhills  
  Greystones V Bray  
  Kenilworth V Crumlin  
  Saturday 30th June - Week 10  
  Kenilworth V Bray  
  Dun Laoghaire G V Westmanstown  
  Greystones V Blackrock  
  Dun Laoghaire  V Greenhills  
  Leinster V Crumlin  
  Saturday 7th July - Week 11  
  Greenhills V Dun Laoghaire G  
  Crumlin V Dun Laoghaire   
  Bray V Leinster  
  Westmanstown V Blackrock  
  Greystones V Crumlin  
  Saturday 14th July - Week 12  
  Dun Laoghaire V Bray  
  Leinster V Greystones  
  Westmanstown V Greenhills  
  Dun Laoghaire G V Crumlin  
  Blackrock V Kenilworth  
  Saturday 21st July - Week 13  
  Bray V Dun Laoghaire G  
  Greystones V Dun Laoghaire   
  Kenilworth V Leinster  
  Crumlin V Westmanstown  
  Blackrock V Greenhills  
  Saturday 28th July - Week 14  
  Westmanstown V Bray  
  Dun Laoghaire G V Greystones  
  Leinster V Blackrock  
  Greenhills V Crumlin  
  Dun Laoghaire  V Kenilworth  
  4th August -  Free Week -  Bank Holiday  
  Saturday 11th August - Week 15  
  Kenilworth V Dun Laoghaire G  
  Leinster V Dun Laoghaire   
  Greystones V Westmanstown  
  Bray V Greenhills  
  Blackrock V Crumlin  
  Saturday 18th August - Week 16  
  Crumlin V Bray  
  Dun Laoghaire G V Leinster  
  Greenhills V Greystones  
  Dun Laoghaire  V Blackrock  
  Westmanstown V Kenilworth  
  Saturday 25th August - Week 17  
   Dun Laoghaire V Dun Laoghaire G  
  Leinster V Westmanstown  
  Bray V Blackrock  
  Kenilworth V Greenhills  
  Greystones V Crumlin  
  Saturday 1st September- Week 18  
  Blackrock   Dun Laoghaire G  
  Westmanstown V Dun Laoghaire   
  Greenhills V Leinster  
  Bray V Greystones  
  Crumlin V Kenilworth  




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