Division 3




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LBLI League Fixtures 2017 - Division 3
  27th April   Week 1  
  Blackrock V Greenhills  
  Westmanstown V Kenilworth  
  C Y M V Greystones  
  Leinster V Clontarf  
  Ierne V St.J.Gate  
  4th May   Week 2  
  Kenilworth V Leinster  
  Clontarf V Ierne  
  St.J.Gate V Blackrock  
  C Y M V Westmanstown  
  Greenhills V Greystones  
  11th May   Week 3  
  Blackrock V Clontarf  
  Greystones V St.J.Gate  
  Leinster V Westmanstown  
  Ierne V Kenilworth  
  Greenhills V C Y M  
  18th May   Week 4  
  Kenilworth V Blackrock  
  Clontarf V Greystones  
  St.J.Gate V Greenhills  
  Westmanstown V Ierne  
  Leinster V C Y M  
  25th May   Week 5  
  Blackrock V Westmanstown  
  Greystones V Kenilworth  
  C Y M V St.J.Gate  
  Ierne V Leinster  
  Greenhills V Clontarf  
  1st June   Week 6  
  Kenilworth V Greenhills  
  Clontarf V St.J.Gate  
  Westmanstown V Greystones  
  Leinster V Blackrock  
  Ierne V C Y M  
  8th June   Week 7  
  Blackrock V Ierne  
  St.J.Gate V Kenilworth  
  Greystones V Leinster  
  C Y M V Clontarf  
  Greenhills V Westmanstown  
  British Isles & Ladies International Series 15th-20th. June
  Free Week      
  22nd June   Week 8  
  Kenilworth V Clontarf  
  Westmanstown V St.J.Gate  
  C Y M V Blackrock  
  Leinster V Greenhills  
  Ierne V Greystones  
  29th June   Week 9  
  Kenilworth V C Y M  
  Clontarf V Westmanstown  
  St.J.Gate V Leinster  
  Greystones V Blackrock  
  Greenhills V Ierne  
  6th July   Week 10  
  Greenhills V Blackrock  
  Kenilworth V Westmanstown  
  Greystones V C Y M  
  Clontarf V Leinster  
  St.J.Gate V Ierne  
  13th July   Week 11  
  Leinster V Kenilworth  
  Ierne V Clontarf  
  Blackrock V St.J.Gate  
  Westminstown V C Y M  
  Greystones   Greenhills  
  20th July   Week 12  
  Clontarf V Blackrock  
  St.J.Gate V Greystones  
  Westmanstown V Leinster  
  Kenilworth V Ierne  
  C Y M V Greenhills  
  27th July   Week 13  
  Blackrock V Kenilworth  
  Greystones V Clontarf  
  Greenhills V St.J.Gate  
  Ierne V Westmanstown  
  C Y M V Leinster  
  3rd August   Week 14  
  Westmanstown V Blackrock  
  Kenilworth V Greystones  
  St.J.Gate V C Y M  
  Leinster V Ierne  
  Clontarf V Greenhills  
  10th August   Week 15  
  Greenhills V Kenilworth  
  St.J.Gate V Clontarf  
  Greystones V Westmanstown  
  Blackrock V Leinster  
  C Y M V Ierne  
  L.B.L.I CHAMPIONSHIPS 14th - 18 Aug Blackrock B.C
  24th August   Week 16  
  Ierne V Blackrock  
  Kenilworth V St.J.Gate  
  Leinster V Greystones  
  Clontarf V C Y M  
  Westmanstown V Greenhills  
  31st August   Week 17  
  Clontarf V Kenilworth  
  St.J.Gate V Westmanstown  
  Blackrock V C Y M  
  Greenhills V Leinster  
  Greystones V Ierne  
  7th Sept   Week 18  
  C Y M V Kenilworth  
  Westmanstown V Clontarf  
  Leinster V St.J.Gate  
  Blackrock V Graystones  
  Ierne V Greenhills  







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