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LBLI  League Fixtures 2018 - Divisions 1 & 2 Leagues
  Wednesday 18th April - Week 1
  Dun Laoghaire      V Skerries                    FREE WEEK    
  Bray                      V Kenilworth        
  CYM                    V Westmanstown             
  Crumlin                V Shankill                         
  Leinster V Blackrock                       
  Wednesday 25th April - Week 2
  Kenilworth            V Crumlin                  Aer Lingus V Herbert Park
  Shankill                V Leinster                Westmanstown V Greystones
  Blackrock             V Dun Laoghaire           Sportslink V CYM
  CYM                    V Bray                           Crumlin V Kenilworth
  Skerries              V Westmanstown             
  Wednesday 2nd May - Week 3
  Dun Laoghaire      V Shankill                    Kenilworth V Sportslink
  Westmanstown     V Blackrock                  Herbert Park V Westmanstown
  Crumlin                V Bray                           CYM V Aer Lingus
  Leinster V Kenilworth   Greystones V Crumlin
  Skerries              V CYM                            
  Wednesday 9th May - Week 4
  Kenilworth            V Dun Laoghaire           Westmanstown V Sportslink
  Shankill                V Westmanstown        Aer Lingus V Kenilworth
      Blackrock             V Skerries                    CYM V Crumlin
  Bray V Leinster                Herbert Park V Greystones
  Crumlin                V CYM                          
  Wednesday 16th May - Week 5
  Dun Laoghaire V Bray                          Kenilworth V Westmanstown
  Westmanstown      V Kenilworth                  Sportslink V Herbert Park
  CYM                     V Blackrock                    Greystones V CYM
  Leinster V Crumlin   Crumlin V Aer Lingus
  Skerries V Shankill        
  Wednesday23rd May - Week 6
  Kenilworth             V Skerries   Free Week    
  Shankill                 V Blackrock        
  Bray                       V Westmanstown                             
  Crumlin V Dun Laoghaire        
  Leinster V CYM        
  Wednesday 30th May - Week 7
  Dun Laoghaire V Leinster   Aer Lingus V Sportlink
  Blackrock V Kenilworth   Crumlin V Westmanstown
  Westmanstown V Crumlin   Herbert Park V CYM
  CYM V Shankill   Kenilworth V Greystones
  Skerries V Bray        
  Wednesday 6th June - Week 8
  Kenilworth V Shankill   Westmanstown V CYM
  Bray V Blackrock   Greystones V Aer Lingus
  CYM V Dun Laoghaire   Sportlink V Crumlin
  Crumlin V Skerries   Herbert Park V Kenilworth
  Leinster V Westmanstown        
  Wednesday 13th June - Week 9
  Kenilworth V CYM   Crumlin V Herbert Park
  Shankill V Bray   CYM V Kenilworth
  Blackrock V Crumlin   Sportslink V Greystones
  Westmanstown V Dun Laoghaire   Aer Lingus V Westmanstown
  Skerries V Leinster        
  British Isles & International Series 15th - 19th June   Belmont BC  Belfast
  Wednesday 27th June - Week 10
  Skerries V Dun Laoghaire   Free Week    
  Kenilworth V Bray        
  Westmanstown V CYM        
  Shankill V Crumlin        
  Blackrock V Leinster        
  Wednesday 4th July - Week 11
  Crumlin V Kenilworth   Herbert Park V Aer Lingus
  Leinster V Shankill   Greystones V Westmanstown
  Dun Laoghaire V Blackrock   CYM V Sportslink
  Bray V CYM   Kenilworth V Crumlin
  Westmanstown V Skerries        
  Wednesday 11th July - Week 12
  Shankill V Dun Laoghaire   Sportslink V Kenilworth
  Blackrock V Westmanstown   Westmanstown V Herbert Park
  Bray V Crumlin   Aer Lingus V CYM
  Kenilworth V Leinster   Crumlin V Greystones
  CYM V Skerries        
  Wednesday 18th July - Week 13
  Dun Laoghaire V Kenilworth              Sportslink V Westmanstown
  Westmanstown V Shankill   Kenilworth V Aer Lingus
  Skerries V Blackrock   Crumlin V CYM
  Leinster V Bray   Greystones V Herbert Park
  CYM V Crumlin        
  Wednesday 25th July - Week 14
  Bray V Dun Laoghaire   Westmanstown V Kenilworth
  Kenilworth V Westmanstown   Herbert Park V Sportslink
  Blackrock V CYM   CYM V Greystones
  Crumlin V Leinster   Aer Lingus V Crumlin
  Shankill V Skerries        
  Wednesday 1st August- Week 15
  Skerries V Kenilworth   Free Week V  
  Blackrock V Shankill     V  
  Westmanstown V Bray     V  
  Dun Laoghaire V Crumlin     V  
  CYM V Leinster        
  Wednesday 8th August - Week 16
  Leinster V Dun Laoghaire   Sportslink V Aer Lingus
  Kenilworth V Blackrock   Westmanstown V Crumlin
  Crumlin V Westmanstown   CYM V Herbert Park
  Shankill V CYM   Greystones   Kenilworth
  Bray v Skerries        
LBLI Championships 13th - 16th  August CYM. B.C
  Wednesday 22nd August - Week 17
  Shankill V Kenilworth   CYM  V Westmanstown
  Blackrock V Bray   Aer Lingus V Greystones
  Dun Laoghaire V CYM   Crumlin V Sportslink
  Skerries V Crumlin   Kenilworth V Herbert Park
  Westmanstown V Leinster        
  Wednesday 29th August - Week 18
  CYM   Kenilworth   Herbert Park V Crumlin
  Bray V Shankill   Kenilworth V CYM
  Crumlin V Blackrock   Greystones V Sportslink
  Dun Laoghaire V Westmanstown   Westmanstown V Aer Lingus
  Leinster V Skerries        




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