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  Bowling League of Ireland  (BLI)  
  & Ladies Bowling League of Ireland  (LBLI)  
  What you need to know if forming a new bowling club  
  This webpage is meant as a short introduction to the great game of Lawn Bowls as well as some initial guidelines on what you   
  need to do and consider if you wish to start a Lawn Bowling club.  
  If you require additional information please contact the Secretary of the Bowling League of Ireland by emailing him at :-   
  In order to introduce newcomers to the game of bowls the BLI together with the Ladies Bowling League of Ireland commissioned a short film on the game of bowls.  This has now been loaded onto Youtube and can be viewed by clicking on the link below.  It takes about 20 minutes to view,  
  We have also prepared an introduction to bowls document that you may find useful.  This is a PDF file which you can access by
by clicking on the
link below.  This document includes a short history of the game, how we are structured and some information on
how to go about building a green.
  World Bowls Introduction Manual to Bowling and how to set up a new bowling green





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