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13th April 2017



We are delighted to welcome Sligo Lawn Bowls Club to the BLI, our newest member.  A number of us together with the LBLI had a most enjoyable day in the club at their official opening last September.  We wish them all the best for the future.

12th April 2017



Links to new BLI Facebook page now on site.  Click on the facebook symbol on the top of this page or on the top on the start page.

11th April 2017

LBLI and BLI Championship Draws


The round 1 BLI & LBLI Championship Draws are now on the website.

Also included are the full draws up to but not including the semi final stages.

10th April 2017

Some photos of the BLI unfurling


This link allows you to view some photos of the BLI unfurling in Crumlin Bowling Club.  Photos are courtesy of John Lee, Crumlin Bowling Club.


 9th April 2017

BLI Registered Players


BLI Registered Players posted - see Registerd Players

2nd April 2017

J. Gilmour Byrne RIP


See Link for IBA Obituary to J. Gilmore Byrne
31st March 2017

CYM Premier Rinks
22nd March 2017

Message from International Team Manager



The International Team manager has posted a message on the IBA website.  You can see same by clicking on this Link


17h March 2017

Website Updates



The following pages have been updated over the last day or two.

PAGE                                                LINK

LBLI Championship Calendar 2017  Closing Dates

LBLI League Fixtures                          Various pages see leagues tab




8th March 2017

Website Updates



The following pages have been updated over the last day or two.

PAGE                                                LINK

IBCA page with BLI / LBLI details    Coaches

LBLI Officers and Committees         Officers and Committees

LBLI Club Secretaries                        Secretaries

IWBA Draws for 2017                        Draws

IBUA page with BLI / LBLI details      Umpires


24th February 2017

BLI League Fixtures



The league fixtures have been revised by the League Secretary and are now available on the website.  The revisions are

1.  Additional matches in Division 6.

2.  Slight error on Vets where the date 22nd June was used twice in Division 2 and 3.  Second occurrence changed to 29th June.

Any questions or queries re the fixtures should be directed to the League Secretary Pat Wall. Mobile 086-8150043 or email


16th February 2017

Senior Inter Association Trials


The first trial will be held in CYM bowling club on Sunday the 23rd of April.
starting at 10:30am consisting of 18 ends. We then stop for lunch soup and sandwiches.

Second trial. Starting at 2pm also 18 ends.

There will be another trial again in CYM bowling club on Sunday 30th of April 10:30.
The team to represent the BLI in the upcoming inter association will be selected that afternoon.

Shay Tyrell

11th February 2017

Championship Closing Dates


There has been a mix up in the dates I was given for the CYM tournament. See  Championship Dates for the adjusted dates so there is no clash. The dates highlighted in red are the only changes.

Stephen Millane - Competition Secretary


11th January 2017

Club Secretaries and Delegates


I have started updating the Club Secretaries and Delegates details for 2017 - see below.

I cannot complete this task until all club secretaries confirm that the details are correct.  As I receive confirmation from a secretary I change that clubs name from Black to Red.


11h January 2017

Bowling Green Approval Form


This form which under rule 15 must be  returned to the Honorary BLI Secretary before the commencement of play in any League, Cup or BLI Championship matches has been updated to comply with The Laws of the Sport of Bowls, Crystal Mark Third Edition.  The updated form can be accessed on the website at :-




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